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LB Living Magazine - July 27, 2023

LB Living Magazine - July 27, 2023

In the Spotlight: The Wellest—Pioneering Sustainability in Long Beach

As featured in LB Living Magazine, The Wellest, located in the scenic Belmont Heights area of Long Beach, California, is transforming the local shopping scene by offering a carefully curated collection of sustainable products.

Founded by Brandi Andres, a former actress turned wellness advocate, The Wellest opened its doors on Earth Day 2023, epitomizing its commitment to environmental consciousness. Originally an online venture, the store evolved from Brandi’s personal journey toward a healthier lifestyle, spurred by her education in animal and plant conservation.

The Wellest simplifies ethical shopping—every product is meticulously selected for its ecological and health benefits, bearing certifications from trusted organizations like the EWG and B Corporations. The store not only provides eco-friendly goods ranging from skincare to home accessories but also serves as a community space with its lounge offering non-alcoholic beverages.

Brandi’s vision is clear: to educate and inspire the community by making sustainable living accessible and enjoyable, right in the heart of Long Beach.

Excerpt from the article:

"The Wellest’s seeds were first planted in 2015 when Andres took a class on the conservation and taxonomy of animals and plants. In an interview with Andres, she explained that at the time, she began suffering from several unpleasant symptoms, including inflammation and glucose intolerance. Andres noted that this stemmed from her diet and skincare products, and so began her wellness journey. She bought an ingredient dictionary and did research, resulting in her getting rid of her old products and adjusting her diet. 
This lifestyle change led to The Wellest, which Andres said was created to educate and “to help others understand that… there’s a better way to live.” She went on to explain, “The point of having a shop like this is so that consumers don’t have to do all of the hard work [and] they don’t have to do all of the research. They can go into one place and feel safe knowing that that research has already been done.”"

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